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you are looking at a live picture of the capitol dome after a rough night as far as weather is concerned. happy fourth of july. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. this picture is much calmer than what many of us experienced last night.
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strong storms rolled through starting around 6:30 in the evening b 1000 customers in virginia, maryland and virginia are without power on this independence day. are we in with more severe weather today. that is the question. let's check in with the man with all the answers. >> i have all the answers. >> tucker barnes. >> most of the day should be quiet. can't rule out the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm today. there is satellite-radar. you can see the cloud cover holding tough. as this frontal system gets south of us, i think we'll see more sunshine during the course of the day. going to be a hot one. temperatures will be in the 90s later today and we've got the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. 74 right now in the city. 70 in hagerstown and
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winchester. there you go. partly sunny skies. isolated afternoon and or evening thunderstorms. more details on the forecast in just a minute. hundreds of thousands of people will pack the national mall to celebrate america's 234th birthday. fireworks start just after 9:00 or so. metro will be running from 7:00 a.m. to midnight and you are strongly encouraged to use it to get down there. it is not a day off for jurors in the casey anthony trial in florida today. the mother cried in court sunday as the prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments. more on that. coming up in just a few minutes. authorities are struggling to figure out how much oil has spilled into the yellowstone
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river in montana. the environmental protection agency says its staff has spotted oil some 40 miles downstream from the leak. there are reports of oil as far as 100 miles way. fighting in libya rages on and for the rebels on the front line, it is just about surviving day to day. rick leventhal introduces us to one man helping the rebels not with weapons but with pizza. >> reporter: libyan rebels don't have military rations to eat on the front lines. they have something better. hot slices of pizza delivered fresh to their trenches he have day. the pies are made from scratch in a secret location by an assembly line of volunteers, all the ingredients donated by locals. they make huge piles of du chil park spread the sauce, add the toppings and bake nonstop for
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hours. 500 to 700 pies every single day. >> good. >> reporter: he moved to sweden from lib what 10 years ago to open a pizza parlor. he came back to help the opposition the only way he knew how. >> you don't know how to shoot but you know how to make pizza. >> yeah. >> reporter: we've agreed not to reveal the exact location because these guys say if tbad aftery's troops get a fix on this place, they would -- if ghadafi's troops get a fix on this place, they'll target it for sure. there is take-out too. rebels come and pick up the pies at no charge with no utensils necessary. it is easy to eat it. >> yeah, it is easy because you can walking as you eat. >> they can eat pizza and fire
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weapons at the same time? >> yes. >> reporter: they will keep making the pies until ghadafi is gone. plenty ahead, weather, traffic and all your top stories, fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. a live hook outside this -- a live look outside this morning at the washington monument. a rough night outside as far as the weather is concerned. it is independence day, a day after for many to celebrate the free to hims of our country that we defended for the last 235 years. take a look at this video from arlington. homes and yards covered with tree branches and other debris that came town in last night's storms. i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. parts of vince seem to be the
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hardest hit parts of the area from last night's severe weather. the one storm-related death we know about happened in maryland, a 56-year-old man killed as a tree fell on him as he was riding his bike. the storms knocked out power to tens of thousands of people in the region. crews have been working throughout the night to get the lights and ac back on. pepco reports 1150 outages. toe million has a little more than 10,000 bg & e reports 1160 outages. time for a quick check of the weather. tucker barnes is here. rough way to start off the holiday but it is still a holiday. >> as bad as it was, it wasn't as bad as it would be with the
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weather moving through tonight. we would have 100,000 people down at the mall. this is falling apart here. that is good news. let's get to temperatures. 74 now at reagan national. humidity way up. the rain we had late yesterday afternoon, 79%. generally an improving forecast today. that being said, can't rule out the possibility that we tonight see a few pore thunderstorms pop up later today. sunny and hot later this afternoon. highs in the low 90s. with that frontal system hanging out in the neighborhood, we could see one or two thunderstorms pop up later on today. >> thank you. let's check in with lauren demarco to see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning n loudoun county, route 9 between 704 and 287 closed while crews respond to downed power lines. 395 northbound from the beltway up to the 14th street bridge,
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no problems to report for you. but if you are traveling southbound 395 near duke street watch for a disabled vehicle off to this side of the road. traveling between maryland and virginia, the american legion bridge looks great. no problems to report at all in the district at all. back to you. no one does the fourth of july quite like we do here in d.c. thousands will gather on the national mall to celebrate the holiday capital style. as tisha thompson shows us, be prepared to be patient. >> reporter: one day before the big show, robby matthew and his wife grabeled with a map trying to plan their fourth of july. >> we have to figure out what we have to do and what time to
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be there. >> reporter: the couple flew in from the caribbean to see the concert and parade and fireworks. >> please take public transportation if at all possible. >> reporter: officials say don't even think about driving. take metro. but be prepared to walk because the smithsonian station will be closed. >> i'm going to avoid the mall like the plague. >> reporter: just the thought of it is enough to keep locals like jessie away. >> crowds, the metro, getting back on is always absolutely insane, like four million people trying to get back on the metro at the same time. >> reporter: others say they are going to stake out their spot early. >> we're going to sit probably on the grass around one of the monuments. >> reporter: if you are planning on a picnic, the park
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service has banned certain items. >> because of safety concerns with large clouds, no grill, glass bottle or personal fireworks are permitted on national park service property. >> reporter: there will be very limited access to the mall to see the firework. there will only be 10 entrances and they will be marked by the big white tents where officers will be checking everything you plan to bring inside. >> if you are bringing coolers and backpacks, we'll take a quick look in them to make sure there are no alcohol beverages. >> no problem with that. i have nothing to hide. i'm hear to enjoy myself. >> reporter: robby matthew says he is willing to put up with the people and patrols because he is finally going it see how america throws a bash. president obama and the first family will celebrate july 4th in town.
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they will host a barbecue for service members and their families at the national archives. the national reading of the declaration of independence starts at 10:00 this morning. jurors in the casey anthony murder trial are expected to begin deliberations today. phil keating is on the story. >> she chose to sacrifice her child to live the life she wanted. >> reporter: after more than a month of testimony with about 100 witnesses and 400 pieces of evidence, the jury hears closing arguments in the casey anthony trial. the 5-year-old suspect breaks down lying as the prosecutor call her a liar who murdered her daughter. they say she used chloroform to make her child fall asleep and suffocated her with duct tape. they then allegedly hid the boydy in the trunk of her car
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for several days until it began to decompose. >> this murder was premeditated and the defendant is guilty. >> reporter: defense attorneys are painting a very different story. they claim the child accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. they say casey and her father engaged into a cover-up to make it looks like the result of the kidnapping. >> that this prosecution would raise the level of desperation for make up for their lack of evidence. >> reporter: casey's attorney tried to show jurors high school photos of an innocent- liking girl but the judge did not allow it saying it, quote,
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distorts reality. the judge rashed -- warned ashton and baez. >> approach the bench. that response on behalf of mr. ashton and mr. baez violates this court's order. >> reporter: phil keating, fox news. coming up in our next half hour, we'll go live to the courthouse in orlando fate close look at the jury deliberations set to begin today. coming up, a police officer and civilian are gunned down inside a busy hotel in a major city. that, plus oil spills from an exxon oil pipeline into a major river and there are conflicting reports about just how bad the spill is. we'll be right back.  these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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a significant oil spill in the yellowstone river in montana. federal and state workers are trying to figure out how much oil leaked saturday from a ruptured pipeline owned by exxon mobil. oil was spotted as much as 40 miles downriver during a flyover. exxon mobil says the 12-inch pipeline was shut down temporarily in may as a precaution due to high water and that debris may have damaged the pipe. a memphis police officer and a civilian are killed after shots ring out at a hotel packed with fourth of july tourists. this happened at the doubletree in memphis around 7:00 last night. police say officers were on the scene after being called out if a domestic dispute. the officer who was shot took the stairs while another officers took the elevator.
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its. the duke and duchess of cambridge continue their visit to canada. the goal is to deepen bonds between the british monarchy and canadians. there were some anti-monarch demonstrations over the weekend in quebec city. if you haven't watched that much news over the holiday weekend, you may not know there is a new megamillionaire in our area. we're talking more than $100 million right here. where the winning ticket was sold is coming up. >> i wish it were me. i wish it were me. our forecast looking better from here. we have sunshine to start your day. we might have an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. going to be hot. i'll have the details on that. lauren demarco has a look at the traffic coming up in just a minute. ♪
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south we are looking at a live picture of the lincoln memorial as people in d.c. get ready to celebrate inness day. today could be your under exday from money trouble inform you haven't heard, a winning megamillions lottery ticket for friday's jackpot was sold at a giant in herndon, virginia. it is worth a whopping $105
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million. friday's winning numbers as you can see right there on the screen were 12, 17, 30, 45, 47. you can make even more money by sticking some cash this n. this machine. this is a gold dispensing machine. fifty are being unstalled in britain. the makeers say it is a way for everyday folks to invest in the precious metal. the machines are updated every 10 minutes to sell the gold at the latest market prices. aened a don't have gold or $105 million. >> or a oning lottery ticket. >> i'm here, you're here. let's talk about weather. >> i'm here to work. weather very important today. we have a big holiday. most of today should be fine.
4:47 am
i think it will be quieter than yesterday. a little less humid than yesterday. >> it is okay to go outside. >> most of the day. that being said, can't rule out possibility of some afternoon thunderstorms popping up. if you are well off to the south and west, and by south and west, i mean out towards front royal, charlottesville, you are not quite done with it. the frontal system developing late in the day yesterday rolling on through. you can see off to the south and to the south and east, we've still got the rain showers across the region. the trend will be quieter weather here for this morning. kind of dry out if a while and than this afternoon, with a front in the vicinity being we'll see if we don't see a few more showers and thunderstorms pop up. there you go. you can see the bigger picture. most of the weather well off to the south and east at this hour. as you open it up a little bit, it's typical yusuf weather pat were here as we got a lot of
4:48 am
haze up there, a lot of humidity, a frontal system, a weak one at that that is just wafering across the area. we have -- wavering across the area. we have 60s out there today. forecast for today, code orange air quality. we've had that for the last couple of days. that is moderate air quality. partly sunny skies. again, isolated. they were more numerous yesterday but still possible you could see one. winds out of the north and west at about five to 10 miles per hour. one or two lingering thunderstorms early. there is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, actually beautiful, 88 degrees. wednesday, 90. you can see we are right around the 90-degree mark with an isolated shower or thunderstorm wednesday, thursday, friday. let's do some traffic with lauren demarco. i hope nobody is headed to the
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mall already. >> i seriously doubt it, tuck. the roads pretty empty right now. light volume for the holiday which is good news. there are some aftereffects from yesterday's storms. let's take a live look out there. very light volume 95 northbound as you head up through woodbridge notch problems crossing the occoquan and continuing up towards lorton and newington. mixing bowl looks good as well as 395. 66 passing nutley street. nice, open road, smooth trip as you head in from route 50 fair oaks all the way towards the beltway. nothing to report on 270. looking good out of frederick down toward the split in bethesda. we have a wreck new york avenue outbound at the washington times plant. also some police activity, potomac avenue at 18th street in southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. congress is cutting short its holiday week to continue work on the debt ceiling. but the parties are still very
4:50 am
far apart and state governors who manage to make big cuts to their budgets weigh in on the problems with washington. fox 5's melanie alnwick takes a closer look. lawmakers will try to forge a compromise on raising the debt ceiling. on face the nation, state leaders who have had to make deep cuts have little sympathy for washington's delays. >> we are making structural changes having the courage to make those changes, unlike what they are doing in washington. i think washington has its head in the sand. democrats won't address entitlements, medicare, social security and republicans don't want to talk about revenues or defense spending. and the fact is we've got to do all of that. they ought to submit their resignations if they put us in
4:51 am
a situation where we're in default. >> reporter: senator john cornyn said taxes aren't untouchable. >> do he we believe that tax reform is necessary? i would say absolutely. i think we ought it bring the rates down to make it revenue neutral. so as you eliminate these tax expenditures, if you bring the top rates down, that is revenue neutral. that is not raising taxes. >> reporter: senators joe lieberman and lindsay graham and together on fox news sunday from kabul, afghanistan, graham taking issue with the aggressive troop withdrawal timetable. >> it is seen as an effort to withdraw rather than transition. you hope and pray this works out well. it came at a critical time. >> if we don't succeed here and the taliban comes back into power, we'll be attacked again and there could be no greater threat to our security and our
4:52 am
freedom, the freedom that we celebrate on july 4th. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. as house lawmakers resume tomorrow, the "washington post" is reporting that the republican leadership has done away with bills that honor symbolic gestures including ones in the past which had declared the bald eagle an inspiring symbol. last year, the house passed more than 250 such bills. the gop says they distract from the real work of congress. two local amusement parks are paying tribune another to military families this holiday. kings dominion and six flags america are offering free admission to active duty and retired military personnel today. family members can get discounted tickets. another republican is throwing his hat into the presidential ring. thaddeus mccot are made at
4:53 am
announcement saturday at a festival outside of detroit. says he has an edge that the others don't. >> i think it is about the message and the experience here in michigan, what we've gone through, what we continue to face and what we hope to spare the rest of the country by getting it right soon. >> mccotter was just elect to his fifth consecutive term in congress in november. let's talk about movies. the late transformers movie has dominated at the box office this holiday weekend. transformers, dark of the moon took in did the 97.4 million here in the u.s. through saturday. it is estimated that it will rake in near $181 million from sales from sunday through today are added in. coming up later this morning, movie reviewer kevin mccarthy has his interview with patrick dempsey and tyrese. the nats have an up and down weekend as the pirates unvade washington. coming up, could they say above 500? lindsay murphy with a look
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the nats and the pirates wind down their series at the ballpark. jason marquee looking for his eighth win of the season. top of the second, the nats down 3-0 when garrett jones adds two more runs for the pirates with a hit to left center. the nats would get a home run from wilson ramos but not much else to cheer about. the nats fall to the pirates 10- 2. they are now one game under 500 for the season. the cubs and nats begin a four- game series this afternoon. the orioles in atlanta against the braves. mark reynolds lifts one deep to left for his third homer in two
4:57 am
days. that would turn out to be game- winning hit. the birds edge the braves 5-4 understanding a five-game losing streak. congrats to os catcher matt weeder named to the all star team. now, the nfl lockout wages on. still no new collective bargaining deal in place and that means no games, no practices, no talking with coaches or trainers and no pay or insurance. lindsay murphy reports on how this is affecting mayers. >> i think anybody making up a positive from this lockout is
4:58 am
just trying to make headlines or make the best of a bad situation. i don't think there is a single player out there that doesn't want to be on the field playing. >> reporter: the nfl lockout is over 100 days old and getting older by the minute. player-run mini camps it cover only so much ground and those who aren't healthy enough to even hit the field are in the worst position. >> i tore my calf up pretty nasty and been out for the season. >> i have torn ligaments and a couple dislocated bones in the mid-foot. >> reporter: some mayors have returned to their alma mater, university of the maryland, to rehab their injuries because being at you a team facility is not allowed. >> you run 45 degrees, turn, cut 90 degrees. >> reporter: that is where kalaf comes in.
4:59 am
she is now helping at least seven nfl players get back in the game. >> once they get for a point where they can start doing football activities, it is hard because they don't have anybody else to practice with. so at this point, where they would typically be hitting or doing otas and things like that and being able to gauge where they are physically, they can't to any of that right now. >> when you are with a team, you trust that they're your employers. that is what they want you to do. that is the right thing to do. i fell pretty comfortable she is doing the right thing. >> reporter: the comeback trail is often brutal physically with nfl players but it is also taking a toll on their wallet. >> i squeezed right before the lockout actually happened but some of the bills i still have to incur. i have felt it a little bit. >> it has been been a
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